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Best of Business Card Design 8
Sibley / Peteet Design Austin
Condition: New
£18.99   £4.99

A sourcebook for business card design inspiration, suitable for professional designers, corporate executives, and in-house marketing departments.

What Makes Great Design
Susie Hodge
Condition: New

Why are some designs more successful and influential than others? WHAT MAKES GREAT DESIGN showcases eighty exceptional creations, from the Polaroid Land camera and the Sony Walkman to the Coca- Cola bottle and Converse All Stars.

The American Vitruvius: An Architect's Handbook of Urban Design
Werner Hegemann, Elbert Peets
Condition: New
£22.99   £13.95

This classic encyclopedia of urban designs contains more than 1,200 plans, elevations, and perspective views. Its European and American buildings range from Renaissance structures to those of the 20th century.

Masterworks of Islamic Architecture
H Stierlin
Condition: New
£24.95   £14.99

Minarets of Cairo
Doris Behrens-Abouseif
Condition: New
£39.95   £14.98

Paris Along the Nile: Architecture in Cairo from the Belle Epoque
Cynthia Myntti
Condition: New
£29.95   £7.99

So impressed was Khedive Ismail after a visit to Haussman's "new" Paris in 1867 that he decided to build a modern city along the same architectural lines and aesthetics, and brought European architects to Cairo to initiate Egypt's most dynamic building period since medieval times. The stunning buildings ...

Mediterranean Modern
Dominic Bradbury
Condition: New
£16.95   £6.99

Endless sun, sparkling sea, crystalline sky these are the elements of the Mediterranean that offer its inhabitants a lifestyle that is the envy of the world and have delighted architects since antiquity. This title presents twenty-five of the region's most covetable houses. It includes work by internationally established architects.

Jewish Heritage in Britain and Ireland: An Architectural Guide
Sharman Kadish
Condition: New
£20.00   £4.99

This comprehensive gazetteer and guide to historic synagogues and Jewish heritage sites in Britain and Ireland has been fully revised and updated in this second edition, and celebrates in full colour the undiscovered heritage of Anglo-Jewry.

Travel Sickness
Nick Daughtry, Stephen Jones, DED Associates
Condition: New
£25.99   £3.99

DED Associates are from Sheffield in the English Midlands. The extremely depressing industrial surroundings seem to have fueled an extremely contrasting, colorful and funky school of graphic designers. Travel Sickness features both their recent works for music companies as well as shows 50% of freshly ...

Decorate for a Party: Stylish and Simple Ideas for Meaningful Gatherings
Holly Becker, Leslie Shewring
Condition: New
£20.00   £7.99

A unique collaboration between international bestselling interiors author Holly Becker of the decor8 blog and Leslie Shewring of, this book is packed full of ideas for all types of parties, gatherings and events.

Remarkable Buildings of the World
Studio Esinam
Condition: New

Remarkable Buildings of the World has its roots in a series of prints titled 'Landmarks' and 'Elevations' by studio esinam and collects over 130 intricate drawings of some of the most iconic buildings in the world. Rendered in fine line art that belies a minimalist design, these pieces reveal minute ...

Inventions that Didn't Change the World
Julie Halls
Condition: New
£19.95   £6.99

A captivating and humorous selection of inventions catalogued and registered in 19th-century Britain, as revealed through remarkable, unpublished illustrations from the National Archives.

Contemporary Design Africa
Tapiwa Matsinde
Condition: New
£28.86   £7.99

Packed with works that show how the continents rich array of craft traditions are being preserved and revived with an exciting contemporary twist, this book identifies the sophistication, vitality, diversity and soulfulness of the past that is now being harnessed to develop a contemporary African identity.

Material Innovation: Packaging Design
Andrew H. Dent, Leslie Sherr
Condition: New
£18.95   £6.99

Features selected products that showcase the innovative use of a particular material. This book focuses on specific categories of packaging sustainable packaging, functional forms, dispensing systems, advanced protection, interactive and mass craft. It also contains detailed information on over 100 materials.

Story of Emoji
Gavin Lucas
Condition: New
£16.99   £4.99

This is the first book to explain the genesis and cultural significance of emoji, the world's cutest and most popular form of shorthand.

Kenneth Grange: Making Britain Modern
Condition: New
£19.95   £6.99

Kenneth Grange: Making Britain Modern is the first book to document the work of the internationally renowned post-war British product and industrial designer Kenneth Grange.

The Language of Graphic Design Revised and Updated: An illustrated handbook for understanding fundamental design principles
Richard Poulin
Condition: New
£19.99   £6.99

The Language of Graphic Design provides a foundation in the fundamentals of graphic design for students and young designers.

Awesome Book of Hand & Chalk lettering
Dina Rodriguez
Condition: New
£12.99   £4.99

Instant Cities
Herbert Wright
Condition: New
£35.00   £9.99

Explores and assesses the phenomenon of the contemporary metropolis. Touching on the historical context of humanity's earliest settlements in ancient world, this work looks ahead to creative, forward-thinking and possibly fanciful notions of the city, such as biospheres, space stations and virtual realities.

Rick Mather Architects
Robert Maxwell, Patrick Bellew, Tim Macfarlane
Condition: New
£29.95   £9.99

Rick Mather Architects (RMA) have been working in London since the early 70s. This book establishes Rick Mather's approach to resolving complex design issues, and also describes the work of the practice. Covering a range of the projects, it also explores Mather's response to the technical and social requirements of the briefs.

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