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Formica Forever
Condition: New
£30.67   £5.99

Global Design
Peder Anker, Louise Harpman, Mitchell Joachim
Condition: New
£39.99   £7.99

This book examines the possibilities for scaling global solutions to global warming.

Zoom TPU: Contemporary Interior Design from Istanbul
Philip Jodidio
Condition: New
£49.99   £6.99

This is the first monograph on the award-winning Istanbul-based architecture and design firm Zoom TPU

Saving Wotton: The Remarkable Story of a Soane Country House
William Palin
Condition: New
£15.00   £3.99

Wotton, in Wotton Underwood, Buckinghamshire, has been dealt many blows and survived them all. Today it is a blossoming country house with the mark of Sir John Soane's essential reconstructions after fire struck in 1820. In 1953 after being employed as a boy's boarding school the house was left empty. ...

The Power of Letterforms - Handwritten, Printed, Cut or Carved, How They Affect Us All
Rosemary Sassoon
Condition: New
£12.99   £3.99

This book is an extensive account of the numerous ways in which letterforms affect our everyday lives. Exploring the many different types of letterform, such as handwriting, packaging and advertising design, logo and book design, typography and engraved letterforms.

The Finest Building in America: The New York Crystal Palace, 1853-1858
Edwin G. Burrows
Condition: New

The first book-length account of New York's Crystal Palace, which was built in 1853 and burned down in 1858.

The Story of Romanesque Architecture
Francesca Prina
Condition: New
£14.99   £3.65

Focusing on Romanesque architecture, this book gives readers the tools they need to grasp the architectural language and building forms of this style.

The Tote Bag
Jitesh Patel
Condition: New
£9.95   £2.99

The featured totes come from over 120 illustrators, graphic designers and design studios around the world, from the Netherlands to Nigeria. Designs include floral prints, typography, illustrations and characters.

Popular Guide to Norfolk Churches: Volume III - West and South-West Norfolk
C.V. Roberts, D.P. Mortlock
Condition: New

Presents a guide to the 'living' medieval churches of west and southwest Norfolk, that helps the church visitor to understand the universal features of churches as well as those unique to each different area.

Retrofitting the City: Residential Flexibility, Resilience and the Built Environment
Stefan Bouzarovski
Condition: New

Cities are responsible for three-quarters of the world s energy consumption. If we are to reduce our demands on the planet s resources how can we make our urban areas more energy efficient? One way is to refit existing buildings with more thermally efficient building materials. But such retrofitting ...

Sustainable Cities: Assessing the Performance and Practice of Urban Environments
Condition: New

Provides a valuable critique of the assessment methods used in ascertaining sustainability, from individual buildings up to cities and regions.

Paris Along the Nile: Architecture in Cairo from the Belle Epoque
Cynthia Myntti
Condition: New

Cairo, 'Mother of the World': its vividly diverse neighborhoods and building styles reveal its cosmopolitan energy and reflect the myriad of economic, political, and cultural forces that have shaped the city over the centuries. So impressed was Khedive Ismail after a visit to Haussman's 'new' Paris in ...

DAM: German Architecture Annual 2008-09
Condition: New
£30.00   £19.90

This latest annual survey looks at China's recent architectural boom as well as the most important architects working in Germany today.

The Design of Learning Spaces
Pamela Woolner
Condition: New
£17.99   £5.99

After many years of minimal investment in school premises, schools in the UK are in the midst of a wave of planning, building and using new schools. This title introduces the issues in the design of learning spaces. It covers the physical design of spaces and how that design impacts on the organization of people in schools.

Network Living: Architecture for All Generations
Condition: New
£35.00   £7.99

This timely book proposes innovative and elegant solutions for the housing needs of our ageing society.

Designing for Small Screens: Mobile Phones, Smart Phones, PDAs, Pocket PCs, Navigation Systems, MP3 Players, Game Consoles
Carola Zwick, Burkhard Schmitz, Studio 7.5
Condition: New
£17.95   £8.99

The design of interactive applications or presentations on small screens can be challenging for the designer. Not all design concepts that are valid on larger screens can be implemented on the small screen. This book equips the student with the appropriate tools with which to develop functional concepts and realise good designs for small screens.

Alt Comic Book: Approaching Architecture
Angel Luis Tendero
Condition: New

Spanish architect Angel Luis Tendero explores the conflict between society and architectural ideas in this radical graphic novel-style presentation.

Judge This
Chip Kidd
Condition: New

An acclaimed book designer describes how he uses first impressions to inform his art and describes the hidden meanings and decisions that went into the designing and packaging of everyday objects and the messages they are supposed to instantly convey. 50,000 first printing.

Nature Framed: At Home in the Landscape
Eva Hagberg
Condition: New
£34.07   £7.99

Twenty-five recent residential projects from around the United States take the concept of “green living” to the next architectural level. Going beyond the simple use of sustainable materials, these houses are designed to frame a very particular vision of nature for their owners that brings them as ...

Contemporary Renovations and Additions
Condition: New
£31.99   £6.99

With hundreds of inspiring illustrations, this book presents modern and classic renovations and additions from around the world by renowned architects and designers. Each page will walk the reader though homes that have been thoughtfully transformed, explaining how the reader can achieve the same look ...

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