Mindful Calligraphy: Beautiful Mark Making

Mindful Calligraphy: Beautiful Mark Making

Callimantra Collective
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Author:  Callimantra Collective
Condition:  New
Format:  Paperback
Pages:  160
Publisher:  Pavilion Books
Year:  2019
ISBN:  9781849945516

Mindful Calligraphy is a unique and groundbreaking book that fuses the art of calligraphy and mindfulness.

Calligraphy has long been known to centre and balance mind and body - concentrating on pen strokes is a good way to tune in positively and live in the moment. And lettering and calligraphy is having a major renaissance as we look for an antidote for our digital age.

Progressing from simple movements and shapes to words and phrases, this creative, step-by-step guide helps you to learn how to focus your mind, beat stress, and tune out unwelcome thinking. Tracing the letters helps you stay on the path, always progressing, always centred. Your creation, at the end, is a mini work of art.

Organized in progressive and easy-to-follow exercises, Mindful Calligraphy is the perfect guide on this journey towards tranquility and calligraphic beauty.