Yours, E.R.

Yours, E.R.

Terence Blacker
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Author:  Terence Blacker
Condition:  New
Format:  Paperback
Pages:  192
Publisher:  Headline Publishing Group
Year:  2014
ISBN:  9780755365821

The Queen is the most iconic figure in modern Britain. For more than sixty years she has been on every stamp, every coin, and starred in every one of our Christmas days. But how well do we really know our beloved monarch?

Her Majesty has written a letter to her most trusted private secretary, Sir Jeremy, every week for several years. For the first time, she has allowed these letters to be published. Honest, charming, and hilarious, they show what she has really been thinking: about her mischievous grandson Harry, her beloved baby great-grandson George, the press, Dame Helen Mirren, and the various politicians she has known over the years.

Yours E.R. offers a glimpse into what life might be like for our Queen - and what, in her private moments, she might make of it all.