The Churchills: A Family Portrait

The Churchills: A Family Portrait

John Lee, Celia Lee
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Author:  John Lee, Celia Lee
Condition:  New
Format:  Paperback
Pages:  288
Publisher:  Palgrave Macmillan
Year:  2011
ISBN:  9780230112209

The Churchills dominated world politics for generations - but, like every family, they too have their secrets. Winston's mother, Jennie, had an affair with the Prince of Wales, later King Edward VII, and her spendthrift habits devastated the family's reputation. The younger brother, Jack, played a crucial role both in Winston's successes and in holding the family together during tough times. From Sir Randolph's alleged syphilis to Winston's illegitimacy, from Jennie's gambling problem to Jack's dashed ambitions, authors Celia and John Lee use never-before-seen archives to cut through the rumors and lies and get to the truth about the life of the former prime minister and his relationship with his family.