The Art of Love: The Romantic and Explosive Stories Behind Art's Greatest Couples

The Art of Love: The Romantic and Explosive Stories Behind Art's Greatest Couples

Kate Bryan
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Author:  Kate Bryan
Condition:  New
Format:  Hardback
Pages:  184
Publisher:  White Lion Publishing
Year:  2019
ISBN:  9780711240315

The Art of Love tells the stories of the most fascinating couples of the art world - uncovering the passionate, challenging and loving relationships behind some the world's greatest works of art.

Kate Bryan (broadcaster, writer and curator) delves into the complex world of artistic relationships, exploring the nuanced ways in which art and love can share the same space. When two married artists collaborate, do they ever get a moment off? What happens when love fades and two artists, known by one moniker, part? When a couple work independently, how do they manage jealousy and competition?

In this book, you'll meet love in all its glorious and complicated forms, including unlikely couples with conflicting philosophies (Yayoi Kusama & Joseph Cornell); unconventional marriages that prove love has many guises (Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera); couples who suffered from intense, public burnout (Marina Abramovic & Ulay); soul mates who found safety in each other (Ethel Mars & Maud Hunt Squire); and bitter rivalries that weren't built to last (Jasper Johns & Robert Rauschenberg).

Through evocative stories and beautiful illustrations, Kate tells of the formation, and sometimes breakdown, of each romance - documenting their highs and lows and revealing just how powerful love can be in the creative process.
Whether long-lasting, peaceful collaborations, or short-lived tumultuous affairs, The Art of Love, opens the door on some of the greatest love stories of the twentieth century.