Charlemagne: Founder of the Holy Roman Empire

Charlemagne: Founder of the Holy Roman Empire

R. J. Stewart
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Author:  R. J. Stewart
Condition:  New
Format:  Paperback
Pages:  52
Publisher:  Firebird Books Ltd
Year:  1998
ISBN:  9781853140051

"Charlemagne-Carolus Magnus, Charles the Great, King of the Franks and Emperor of the West-was born in 742 AD, and became the undisputed leader of one of the greatest power blocks in history-The Holy Roman Empire. Charlemagne's empire was founded on the fighting prowess of the Franks, a confederacy of ferocious barbarian tribes from the German Rhinelands, and filled the vacuum left by the fall of Ancient Rome. His extensive realm, often enlarged under the pretence of spreading Christianity, included France, Germany, Italy and many other territories. A ruthless campaigner, shrewd politician and statesman and a highly successful general, Charlemagne set the scene for the vast Empire which was to last in various forms right into the twentieth century when it finally collapsed with the fall of Imperial Germany in 1918. This volume in the HEROES AND WARRIORS series tells the story of his life, his campaigns against the 'new barbarians' - the Slavs, Avars and Saxons - and of his heroism and achievements which have been celebrated in history and literature as amongst the most colourful and fascinating in early Europe. Four specially commissioned colour plates, photographs, maps and line drawings illustrate the text."--BOOK COVER.