Amazing Expeditions: Journeys That Changed the World

Amazing Expeditions: Journeys That Changed the World

Anita Ganeri
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Author:  Anita Ganeri
Condition:  New
Format:  Hardback
Pages:  48
Publisher:  The Ivy Press
Year:  2019
ISBN:  9781782407478

Throughout history, adventurers have always wondered what is beyond the next mountain, ocean, river... or even planet. Explorers head out to discover new lands, find and establish trade routes, seek treasure, make scientific discoveries, gain territories for their country, or simply do something that’s not been done before. This visual approach is a great way for children to learn about some key explorers from history, and the journeys they took. Explorers will include: Hanno the Navigator (Carthage/Tunisia), Xuangzang (China), Marco Polo (Italy), Ibn Battuta (Morocco), Zheng He (China), Christopher Columbus (Portugal), Vasco de Gama (Portugal), Ferdinand Magellan (Portugal), Hernan Cortes (Spain), James Cook (Britain), Lewis and Clark (USA), Burke and Wills (Australia), David Livingston and Henry Morton Stanley (Britain/USA), Mary Kingsley (Britain), Ernest Shackleton (Ireland/Britain), Robert Peary (USA), Armundsen (Norway) and Scott (Britain), Tenzing (Nepal) and Hillary (NZ), Thor Heyerdahl (Norway) and Neil Armstrong (USA).