50 Things You Should Know about Wild Weather

50 Things You Should Know about Wild Weather

Anna Claybourne
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Author:  Anna Claybourne
Condition:  New
Format:  Paperback
Pages:  80
Publisher:  QEB Publishing
Year:  2016
ISBN:  9781609929206

Rain or shine - the weather impacts on everything we do. What makes the wind blow? Or snow fall? And what happens when the weather goes WILD? Packed with facts, diagrams, infographics and photos, this is the perfect introduction to our planet's amazing wild weather. From dust devils to flying frogs and twisting tornadoes, Wild Weather takes you on a whirlwind of discovery. Covering the earth's atmosphere and how weather works, you'll find out all you need to know about weather fronts, heat waves, hurricanes, avalanches, ice storms, climate change and much, much more. Packed with facts, figures and world records for the wildest weather ever documented, you'll also find out about storm chasers and weather scientists who have tried their best to keep the weather in check. Be warned - it's a stormy ride.