Marsha Mellow And Me

Marsha Mellow And Me

Maria Beaumont
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Author:  Maria Beaumont
Condition:  New
Format:  Paperback
Pages:  320
Publisher:  Cornerstone
Year:  2004
ISBN:  9780099465737

Amy's written a bestseller, the ultimate shopping and shagging novel only without the shopping. She should be enjoying the money, the fame, the eight-page spread in Hello! And maybe she would be if only she could tell her mother. But the woman's so over-bearing and puritanical, Amy hasn't even told her she smokes. So instead, Amy does what she does best, she hides, protected by her pseudonym. But for how long, now that the tabloids have launched a crusade to uncover Marsha Mellow's true identity? Being found out isn't her only worry. There's the sex-crazed ex who inspired this mess in the first place, the boss that she'd hate if he weren't so irritatingly gorgeous and the growing realisation that everyone else in her life seems to have a dirty little secret of their own. "Marsha Mellow and Me" shows that keeping secrets can be really painful and painfully funny.