A Moth At The Glass

A Moth At The Glass

Mogue Doyle
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Author:  Mogue Doyle
Condition:  New
Format:  Hardback
Pages:  224
Publisher:  Transworld Publishers Ltd
Year:  2004
ISBN:  9780593049259

Twilight. n Springmount, County Wexford, Will is watching Kate Kelly get ready for the evening. As darkness gathers, and Kate moves from the milking parlour of her small-holding into her house, so do the ghosts of Will's past. A moth at the glass, he watches them through the window and, as the strains of the St Anne's Reel fill the room, Kate and her brother Philly begin to dance on the newly laid floor of their living room, while old Mrs Kelly watches from beside the fire.Desperate to understand how the terrible tragedy in his past can haunt his present, Will looks back to the 1920s- a halcyon time in which romantic expectation seemed to beckon; and a period of change and tension in which the traditional order was giving way to a new political awareness in which the ties of family and friends no longer hold so much sway. s much a meditation of time past as it is a love story between two young people who are meant to be together, A Moth at the Glass is a lyrical evocative novel that recreates a time just after the Civil War, when mountain lads roam country lanes, loaded pistols in their pockets, and when innocence and romance is corrupted by a physical passion that runs all too