No More Angels

No More Angels

Ron Butlin
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Author:  Ron Butlin
Condition:  New
Format:  Paperback
Pages:  224
Publisher:  Profile Books Ltd
Year:  2007
ISBN:  9781852429546

From Ancient Greece, via contemporary Britain, into the future, from childhood to old age and beyond, the stories in No More Angels capture the idiosyncrasies of modern life. A train ticket seller livens up his day by telling Lockerbie victims? relatives that his surname is Lockerbie. A widower struggles to keep his family on the tracks after the death of his young wife, becoming obsessive about order and routine to the point of madness. A schoolboy counts down the days, hours and minutes to a friend?s party, all too conscious of the realities of the popularity game. A house tour is conducted with the unspoken stench of parenticide hanging in the air. Comic, tragic and sometimes both, Butlin explores individual lives with a lightness of touch that cuts right to the heart. A dramatic follow up to Butlin?s acclaimed Belonging, No More Angels is a captivating celebration of human frailty.