Ambiguous Embrace: Chronicles of a Conflicted Love

Ambiguous Embrace: Chronicles of a Conflicted Love

Enver Carim
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Author:  Enver Carim
Condition:  New
Format:  Paperback
Pages:  432
Publisher:  Troubador Publishing
Year:  2013
ISBN:  9781780885391

He's an American biologist working in England to scotch inherited diseases at source and extend youthfulness. She's a linguist who's lived in the Middle East and has literary ambitions. They meet by chance, can't keep their hands off each other, but in one crucial respect are at loggerheads. This single disagreement nearly destroys their mutually satisfying relationship. Can sexual pleasure never be pure? Must there always be some bitterness sabotaging the bliss? Charlie Venn thinks it's sneaky, treacherous, how disgruntlement lies concealed in the very heart of his happiness. His jealousy of Sophie Gresham's erotic vibes blinds him to her loyalty and gives him bad dreams - because she isn't sold on the wisdom of his genetic-enhancement work. Sensuous, gritty and funny, Ambiguous Embrace is unusual in showing the emotional life of a scientist at the cutting edge of molecular medicine. A serious man manipulating bits of the human genome at his lab in Cambridge, yet head over heels for a budding novelist - this is fizzy, far-reaching, 21st-century stuff for thinking people everywhere.
Based on sound research and written in a style that is entirely lucid, this love story will entertain readers who admire the dedication of medical scientists and the scientific method itself. Thought-provoking assertions, including, 'God says he loves us, yet leaves us with loathsome time-bombs ticking in our bodies,' hint at the need for a paradigm shift in human nature. The book also refers to the treatment gay men and women and have had to endure over the centuries. Ambiguous Embrace is an explosive, unforgettable read.