Elleander Morning

Elleander Morning

Jerry Yulsman
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Author:  Jerry Yulsman
Condition:  New
Format:  Paperback
Pages:  304
Publisher:  Dover Publications Inc.
Year:  2016
ISBN:  9780486800448

A dying woman, given a second chance to relive her life, travels back in time. Her goal: the execution of an obscure Viennese artist named Adolf Hitler. Two generations later, the assassin's granddaughter is mystified to discover a book relating the history of World War II ― the chronicle of a conflict that never took place. Elleander Morning spans eight decades of the twentieth century, tracing two different timelines from two very different worlds and raising thought-provoking questions along the way. Part detective story, part thriller, and part romance, this alternative history won the 1986 Ditmar Award for best international fiction and the 1987 Kurd-La▀witz-Preis. This edition features a new Introduction by Gavriel Rosenfeld, an expert on Nazi Germany and the Holocaust.