Sunshine State

Sunshine State

James Miller
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Author:  James Miller
Condition:  New
Format:  Paperback
Pages:  352
Publisher:  Little, Brown Book Group
Year:  2010
ISBN:  9781408701843

Mark Burrows is an 'invisible man', a British secret agent adept at moving undetected through the most hostile environments. Summoned for one final mission, he must make contact with Charlie Ashe; ten years ago the two men worked together undercover in Iraq, sowing bloody mayhem with bombings and assassinations. Burrows now faces a terrible reckoning with his past. Ashe, a master of guerrilla warfare, has reappeared with a new name and a terrifying new agenda in the Storm Zone, an anarchic region in the former United States that is racked by devastating hurricanes and dominated by dangerous cults, criminal gangs and insurgent armies. Alone and haunted by memories, Burrows embarks on a hazardous journey into the darkness and chaos of the Storm Zone. The mission will force Burrows to question his loyalties and to understand that the greatest threat lies not with his target but with the forces that seek to control them both.