Soul Catcher

Soul Catcher

Michael C. White
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Author:  Michael C. White
Condition:  New
Format:  Hardback
Pages:  336
Publisher:  Quercus Publishing
Year:  2007
ISBN:  9781847241580

Augustus Cain is a man with his back against the wall. A war-scarred wanderer, he faces a past he wants to forget, a present without prospect or fortune, and an uncertain future marred by the loss of his most prized possession - his horse - which he has carelessly gambled away. But he is not without skill - he has an uncanny, if unwelcome, ability to track the most elusive runaway slaves. And to repay a debt and keep his horse, he must head north from Virginia and retrieve a runaway named Rosetta. When he eventually runs Rosetta to ground in Boston, Cain discovers she carries a secret - and the size of the bounty on her head begins to make more sense. Fleeing the northern states pursued by a posse of Unionists, Cain finds himself increasingly drawn to Rosetta and starts to wonder if his five hundred dollar fee - if any fee - could ever be enough to return her to her master...Set against the backdrop of a nation preparing to tear itself apart, "Soul Catcher" is the story of an unforgettable journey, one of hardship and redemption, an odyssey that will change the travellers forever.