Savage Brothers

Savage Brothers

Andrew Cosby, Johanna Stokes, Rafael Albuquerque
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Author:  Andrew Cosby, Johanna Stokes, Rafael Albuquerque
Condition:  New
Format:  Paperback
Pages:  128
Publisher:  Boom! Studios
Year:  2014
ISBN:  9781608863877

Is your mom a zombie? Sis? Dad?! Who you gonna call? Savage Brothers! Have an undead loved one that needs retrieving? Call Dale and Otis Savage--they'll hop in their Ford F-150, bring'em back, or put 'em down. But when they get hired to retrieve a zombie scientist who holds the key to the supernatural apocalypse--are they selling out the human race? And when did the Savage Brothers start making bid decisions like this? And who is the mysterious guy with no body they call...The Head!?!? Anybody got some more barbecue. In addition to being the first time these collected stories have been printed at full size, the Deluxe Edition features a complete cover gallery, and much more!