Mindful Pregnancy & Birth: Nurturing Love and Awareness

Mindful Pregnancy & Birth: Nurturing Love and Awareness

Riga Forbes
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Author:  Riga Forbes
Condition:  New
Format:  Hardback
Pages:  144
Publisher:  The Ivy Press
Year:  2017
ISBN:  9781782405054

"I love this book - so much needed in today's world when pregnant women are generally so stressed and unable to find an oasis to simply be with the pregnancy and the changes they are experiencing. Read this book - it's life changing!" - Janet Balaskas, author of "New Active Birth"

"Mindful Pregnancy & Birth offers a soothing antidote to the stress and perfectionism that increasing assail expectant Mamas. But this is more than a guide to pregnancy and birth. Riga Forbes' wise guidance supports us all in raising our children-and ourselves-with awareness and compassion. A great blessing!" - Dr Sarah Buckley, author of "Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering"

"This wonderful book is a must. Mindful Pregnancy and Birth is a warm invitation to all mothers-to-be, to step into a circle of trust and faith with a calm mind and body, joyfully preparing for the changes ahead. This book will make your heart sing." - Kate Woods, Founder of Conscious Birthing International

"This is a great book which gives you the inspiration to go through your pregnancy and birth with a mindful approach. As well as advice it also has meditative exercises and insights. A great, helpful book for mothers-to-be." - Catherine Balavage (Frost Magazine)

Focusing on the entire journey; from pregnancy through to early parenthood, this guide to living mindfully for expectant mothers helps prepare you for birth and improve your wellbeing with the ancient practice of mindfulness. When we talk about making something, it usually refers to creating, manipulating, or forming a material. In pregnancy, our bodies are wrapped up in doing all of these things at once, and on a grand scale. But in the act of making space in ourselves through mindfulness, none of these things apply. In Mindful Pregnancy & Birth we engage in an act of "not doing". Of not changing, but of simply "being" in the experience of ourselves. Pregnancy is a phase in which to reconcile what has been, with what will become. It is a process, a time of change, and even more so for a first-time mother. It is a recognition of our dreams for the future being in transit, in gestation, in the making.