Stylistics and Shakespeare's Language: Transdisciplinary Approaches

Stylistics and Shakespeare's Language: Transdisciplinary Approaches

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Condition:  New
Format:  Paperback
Pages:  240
Publisher:  Continuum Publishing Corporation
Year:  2011
ISBN:  9781441171726

Moving across Shakespeare studies, language studies and linguistics, this book develops a coherent analysis of the stylistics of Shakespeare's language. This innovative volume testifies to the current revived interest in Shakespeare's language and style and opens up new and captivating vistas of investigation. Transcending old boundaries between literary and linguistic studies, this engaging collaborative book comes up with a original array of theoretical approaches and new findings. The chapters in the collection capture a rich diversity of points of view and cover such fields as lexicography, versification, dramaturgy, rhetorical analyses, cognitive and computational corpus-based stylistic studies, offering a holistic vision of Shakespeare's uses of language. The perspective is deliberately broad, confronting ideas and visions at the intersection of various techniques of textual investigation. Such novel explorations of Shakespeare's multifarious artistry and amazing inventiveness in his use of language will cater for broad ranges of readers, from undergraduates and postgraduates to poetry and theatre lovers alike.
"Advances in Stylistics" provides student resources and research material in cutting-edge stylistics. It forgoes traditional boundaries to encompass the study of both literary and non-literary texts, and covers exciting new developments in the field. It takes a broad view of stylistics as the practice of using linguistic methodologies and analytical frameworks to facilitate the analysis of texts of all genres and types, for the purpose of explaining why we interpret texts in the way that we do.