The Red Sofa

The Red Sofa

Michele Lesbre
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Author:  Michele Lesbre
Condition:  New
Format:  Hardback
Pages:  104
Publisher:  Seagull Books London Ltd
Year:  2017
ISBN:  9780857423733

In The Red Sofa, we meet Anne, a young woman setting off on the Trans-Siberian Railway in order to find her former lover, Gyl, who left twenty years before. As the train moves across post-Soviet Russia and its devastated landscapes, Anne reflects on her past with Gyl and their patriotic struggles, as well as on the neighbor she has just left behind, Clemence Barrot. Rocked by the train's movements Anne is moved by her memory of Clemence, who is old and whose memory is failing, but who has not lost her taste for life and adventure. Ensconced on her red sofa at home, Clemence loves to tell Anne her life story, mourning lost loved ones and celebrating the lives of brave, rebellious women who went before her. Eventually, Anne's train trip returns her home having not found Gyl, but having found something much more meaningful herself. "A luminous novel about desire, a clear text about the joy of living." Prix Pierre Mac Orlan 2007