The Last Sacrifice: TIDES OF WAR BOOK I

The Last Sacrifice: TIDES OF WAR BOOK I

James A Moore
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Author:  James A Moore
Condition:  New
Format:  Paperback
Pages:  320
Publisher:  Watkins Media
Year:  2017
ISBN:  9780857665430

Since time began, the Grakhul immortal servants of the gods have taken human sacrifices to keep the world in balance and the gods appeased. When the choose the family of warrior Brogan McTyre, everything changes.

Brogan begins the toughest battle of his life to free his family from their terrible fate. But when you challenge the gods, you challenge the very fabric of society. Declared an outcast, Brogan and his kin are hunted like criminals but nothing will stand in his way.

File Under: Fantasy [ Hunted by the Gods | A Great Refusal | By Land and Sea | The Ultimate Sacrifice ]