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Microbial Biomass: A Paradigm Shift In Terrestrial Biogeochemistry
Condition: New

Microbial Biomass informs readers of the ongoing global revolution in understanding soil and ecosystem microbial processes. The first paper on the subject was written by David Jenkinson in 1966, and here new insights and expansions are given on the fascinating world of soil microbial processes. In terms ...

Perspectives For Geothermal Energy In Europe
Condition: New

The potential for energy transformation from geothermal heat is limitless. For millennia natural sources of this energy, in the form of thermal springs, have been used by populations for heating, cooking and bathing. Modern-day usage has been extended to electricity generation from binary cycle power ...

Photosynthesis And Bioenergetics
Condition: New

This book is a tribute to three outstanding scientists, Professors Jan Anderson FRS, Leslie Dutton FRS and John Walker FRS, Nobel Laureate. Covering some of the most recent advances in the fields of Bioenergetics and Photosynthesis, this book is a compilation of contributions from leading scientists ...

Power Of Ideas, The: The Rising Influence Of Thinkers And Think Tanks In China
Cheng Li
Condition: New

China's momentous socioeconomic transformation is not taking place in an intellectual vacuum: Chinese scholars and public intellectuals are actively engaged in fervent discussions about the country's domestic and foreign policies, demographic constraints, and ever-growing integration into the world community. ...

Selected Papers Of John H. Holland: A Pioneer In Complexity Science
Condition: New

With his work on computer logic, John H Holland became one of the most important founders of modern computer science. People who knew John H Holland were all amazed and deeply influenced by his incredibly imaginative and creative mind. He produced many more ideas than he could follow up in his life time. ...

2d Inorganic Materials Beyond Graphene
Condition: New

Two-dimensional materials have had widespread applications in nanoelectronics, catalysis, gas capture, water purification, energy storage and conversion. Initially based around graphene, research has since moved on to looking at alternatives, including transitions metal dichalcogenides, layered topological ...

Compendium Of In Vivo Monitoring In Real-time Molecular Neuroscience - Volume 2: Microdialysis And Sensing Of Neural Tissues
Condition: New

Volume 1 of this series focused mainly on small molecules which are intrinsically electroactive. Volume 2 continues to provide current approaches to real time measurements of essential species in the central nervous system. It describes microdialysis, a sampling technique, which facilitates the removal ...

Disposable And Flexible Chemical Sensors And Biosensors Made With Renewable Materials
Condition: New

Sensors for measuring and detecting chemical and biological substances are comprehensively used and are, for the most part, unobtrusive. They can help monitor our health through alerting us to chemical or biological changes in our bodies, our environment through checking air quality or pollution levels ...

Iii-nitride Materials, Devices And Nano-structures
Condition: New

Group III-Nitrides semiconductor materials, including GaN, InN, AlN, InGaN, AlGaN and AlInGaN, i.e. (Al, In, Ga)N, are excellent semiconductors, covering the spectral range from deep ultraviolet (DUV) to UV, visible and infrared, with unique properties very suitable for modern electronic and optoelectronic ...

Limits Of Mathematical Modeling In The Social Sciences, The: The Significance Of Godel's Incompleteness Phenomenon
Condition: New

Current mathematical models are notoriously unreliable in describing the time evolution of unexpected social phenomena, from financial crashes to revolution. Can such events be forecast? Can we compute probabilities about them? Can we model them? This book investigates and attempts to answer these questions ...

Loop Quantum Gravity: The First 30 Years
Condition: New

This volume presents a snapshot of the state-of-the-art in loop quantum gravity from the perspective of younger leading researchers. It takes the reader from the basics to recent advances, thereby bridging an important gap.

Multi-wave Medical Imaging: Mathematical Modelling And Imaging Reconstruction
Loc Hoang Nguyen, Laurent Seppecher, Hyeonbae Kang
Condition: New

Super-Resolution imaging refers to modern techniques of achieving resolution below conventional limits. This book gives a comprehensive overview of mathematical and computational techniques used to achieve this, providing a solid foundation on which to develop the knowledge and skills needed for practical ...

Newton - Innovation And Controversy
Peter Rowlands
Condition: New

Unique among celebrated scientists, Newton was equally gifted at theoretical physics, experimental physics and pure mathematics. He was also exceptional in another, less well-recognised sense. No one has come near to equalling his extraordinary analytical power.Analytically-derived truths are controversial ...

Surgery For Benign Oesophageal Disorders
Condition: New

This book provides a comprehensive overview of the full spectrum of benign oesophageal disorders with an emphasis on surgical approaches. There are now new, sophisticated diagnostic methods and endoscopic treatment modalities which represent the high level of innovation within the field. These innovations ...

Inference, Asymptotics And Applications: Selected Papers Of Ib Michael Skovgaard, With Introductions By His Colleagues
Condition: New

This book showcases the innovative research of Professor Skovgaard, by providing in one place a selection of his most important and influential papers. Introductions by colleagues set in context the highlights, key achievements, and impact, of each work.This book provides a survey of the field of asymptotic ...

Plasma Physics In Active Wave Ionosphere Interaction
Spencer P Kuo
Condition: New

One essential feature of plasma media is supporting various plasma waves and dictating electromagnetic wave propagation. This textbook provides students with an understanding of plasma waves, which is key to theoretical and experimental plasma research and understanding the experimental results, and ...

Sorption Enhanced Reaction Processes
Alirio Egidio Rodrigues, Yi-jiang Wu, Luis Miguel Madeira, Rui Faria
Condition: New

This book investigates the development of sorption enhanced reaction processes (SERPs) with detailed modelling and simulation, design and operation of units. SERPs are processes intensified by combining adsorption and reaction, reaction and membranes or reaction/adsorption/membranes in a single unit ...

Cryptands And Cryptates
Luigi Fabbrizzi
Condition: New

Cryptands were introduced by Jean-Marie Lehn in 1969 as cage-shaped selective ligands for alkali and alkaline-earth metal ions, which lie at the heart of supramolecular chemistry. This book reports on much of the research in the field since the '70s, and looks at, amongst other topics, metal coordination ...

Engineering Microbial Metabolism For Chemical Synthesis: Reviews And Perspectives
Condition: New

Microbial metabolism refers to how microbes obtain energy and nutrients needed to live and reproduce. Its uses in chemical synthesis are multiple, and, when engineered, can provide reliable and reproducible reactions for application in industrial or biogeochemical processes.This book provides expert ...

Organic-inorganic Composite Membranes For Molecular Separation
Wanqin Jin, Gongping Liu, Nanping Xu
Condition: New

This book gives comprehensive information on the design, preparation and application of organic-inorganic composite membranes that are used for molecular separation. Various membrane types with different materials are highlighted, including polymer/ceramic composite membranes, mixed matrix membranes, ...

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