Dangerous moves

Dangerous moves

C Fusco
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Author:  C Fusco
Condition:  New
Format:  Hardback
Pages:  192
Publisher:  Tate Gallery Publication
Year:  2015
ISBN:  9781849763264

Examining performance and politics in post-revolutionary Cuba, Dangerous Moves challenges the understanding of performance art and political engagement through a sustained analysis of the contemporary experience in Cuba. Coco Fusco analyzes the ways that the Cuban state has wielded influence over artists in recent times, arguing that in a context in which overt political speech is subject to censorship, the language of performance emerges as the favored means of social commentary. Focusing on a range of performative practices in visual art, music, poetry, and political activism, Fusco examines the relationship between the abject body in performance and the greater body politic of a state officially defined as revolutionary yet seeking to limit and constrain dissent. Dangerous Moves is a key addition to the canon of writing on contemporary performance art.