Until Tonight

Until Tonight

Laure Adler
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Author:  Laure Adler
Condition:  New
Format:  Hardback
Pages:  200
Publisher:  Granta Books
Year:  2002
ISBN:  9781862075467

On 13th July, 2000, Laure Adler almost collided with a lorry and was lucky to escape unharmed. That evening, she took off the watch her partner had given her and stared at its inscription, "a ce soir" - until tonight. Although the watch was broken and the face had misted over, the date was still legible: 13th July - 17 years to the day since her baby son, Remi, had died. Adler sat down and started writing about the experience for the first time. In spare, rhythmic prose, this book describes the nightmarish sequence of events. Adler was at work when she was phoned by her childminder and told that her nine-month old baby had been taken ill. The doctors could not explain what had caused Remi's respiratory failure and Adler was never given any proper diagnosis or prognosis. Remi's continued resilience as the story is told feeds a desperate kind of hope in both Adler's family and the reader.

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Until Tonight
Laure Adler
Condition: New
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When Laure Adler learned from a colleague that her nine-month-old son had been taken ill, she rushed to the hospital. So began months of battling - with uncommunicative doctors and nurses, and with her own feelings of guilt, terror and hopelessness. Here, she describes the nightmarish events.