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The Go-Between: A Portrait of Growing Up Between Different Worlds
Osman Yousefzada
Condition: New
£14.99   £7.99

An enlightening memoir of living between worlds and learning how to find one's own - from the artist and fashion designer

And Then? And Then? What Else?: A Writer's Life
Daniel Handler, Lemony Snicket
Condition: New
£16.99   £9.45

The tender memoir of a writing life from the bestselling author of A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Our America, Nuestra America, Unsere Amerika: My Family in the Vertigo of Translation
Claudio Lomnitz
Condition: New
£16.99   £5.75

NAMED A MOST ANTICIPATED BOOK OF THE YEAR BY KIRKUS REVIEWS A riveting study of the intersections between Jewish and Latin American culture, this immigrant family memoir recounts history with psychological insight and the immediacy of a thriller. In Nuestra América, eminent anthropologist and historian ...

What it Means to be Human: A philosophical memoir
Robert Rowland Smith
Condition: New
£9.99   £2.99

What is the role of fate in our lives?

Why should we avoid repeating patterns?

And how can we identify our purpose?

Seven Cats I Have Loved
Anat Levit
Condition: New
£8.99   £4.99

A charming memoir about a life lived with cats - now in paperback

Nailing It
Rich Hall
Condition: New
£10.99   £4.99

When absurdity conspires against our best laid plans...

The Importance of Music to Girls
Lavinia Greenlaw
Condition: New
£9.99   £4.99

If I had not kissed anyone, or danced with anyone, or had a reason to cry, the music made me feel as if I had gone through all that anyway. This book tells the story of the adventures that music leads us into: getting drunk, falling in love, dying of boredom, cutting our hair, terrifying our parents, wanting to change the world.

Madame Fourcade's Secret War: the daring young woman who led France's largest spy network against Hitler
Lynne Olson
Condition: New
£22.00   £16.99

The little-known true story of the woman who headed the largest spy network in Vichy France during World War II.

In 1941, a thirty-one-year-old Frenchwoman, a young mother born to privilege and known for her beauty and glamour, became the leader ...

The Bright Hour: A Memoir of Living and Dying
Nina Riggs
Condition: New
£12.99   £8.45

In 2015, at the age of thirty-eight, Nina Riggs, the great-great-great-granddaughter of Ralph Waldo Emerson, was diagnosed with breast cancer, and it metastasised later that year. Her mother had died only a few months earlier from multiple myeloma. In the Spotless Orange Light she tells her story in ...

The Light Room
Kate Zambreno
Condition: Used, Like New
£22.00   £12.99

A moving account of art and caretaking in a time of uncertainty and loss

Zarifa: A Woman's Battle in a Man's World, by Afghanistan's Youngest Female Mayor. As Featured in the NETFLIX documentary IN HER HANDS
Hannah Lucinda Smith, Zarifa Ghafari
Condition: New
£20.00   £4.45

A poignant and inspiring memoir by Afghanistan's youngest female mayor and devoted human rights activist. As featured in the NETFLIX documentary IN HER HANDS.

A Carnival of Snackery: Diaries: Volume Two
David Sedaris
Condition: New
£10.99   £4.99

From bestselling author David Sedaris, the second volume of diaries - the source of his remarkable autobiographical stories.

Me Talk Pretty One Day
David Sedaris
Condition: New
£10.99   £4.99

'He's like an American Alan Bennett, in that his own fastidiousness becomes the joke, as per the taxi encounter, or his diary entry about waiting interminably in a coffee-bar queue' Guardian review of An Evening with David Sedaris

My Ear at His Heart
Hanif Kureishi
Condition: New
£9.99   £4.99

Hanif Kureishi offers an insight into the birth of a writer - himself - through this memoir that conjures up a family story of how he found his own literary calling from the ashes of his father's failed attempts in the past even as the world turned upside down and India split in two along religious lines.

Nelson Mandela
Topics the creative partnershi
Condition: Used, Like New
£19.99   £4.45

Nelson Mandela is one of the world's most revered public figures, a man synonymous with the long, bitter struggle to rid South Africa of an apartheid regime and replace it with a multi-racial democracy. Today, he is seen as the face of world freedom, an ambassador for civil rights, a heroic liberator ...

The Unknown Matisse: A Life of Henri Matisse: v. 1: 1869-1908
Hilary Spurling
Condition: Used, Very Good
£25.00   £5.99

The author investigates the secret life of Matisse, born in war-torn, poverty-stricken Flanders, whose paintings shocked and infuriated his contemporaries in the first years of the century.

Toulouse-Lautrec and the Fin-de-siecle
David Sweetman
Condition: Used, Like New
£25.00   £6.99

Exploring Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec's life and work, this book seeks to reveal the truth behind the man and how he chronicled the 1890s through his art. Lautrec was linked to the social and political movements of his time and his main subjects were the bars and dance-halls of Montmatre.

The Gift of Friends
Marion Stroud
Condition: Used, Like New

A mix of quotations, Bible messages and prayers, which focus on the blessing of friendship.

Churchill And Orwell: The Fight for Freedom
Thomas Ricks
Condition: New
£20.37   £7.99

"A dual biography of Winston Churchill and George Orwell, whose farsighted vision and inspired action preserved democracy from the threats of authoritarianism from the left and right alike"

Who I Am
Charlotte Rampling
Condition: New
£12.99   £4.95

The autobiography of acclaimed actor, model and chanteuse Charlotte Rampling

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