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Ellen Wilkinson: From Red Suffragist to Government Minister
Paula Bartley
Condition: New
£14.99   £6.95

Charts the life and career of notable socialist, suffragist and Labour government minister, Ellen Wilkinson.

The Maverick Mountaineer: The Remarkable Life of George Ingle Finch: Climber, Scientist, Inventor
Robert Wainwright
Condition: Used, Like New
£17.99   £13.99

A fond and fascinating tribute to George Finch (1888-1970), mountaineer, scientist, inventor and polymath, who pioneered the use of the artificial oxygen that enabled Everest to finally be conquered thirty years after his own attempt.

W.E.B. Du Bois: Revolutionary Across the Color Line
Bill V. Mullen
Condition: New
£14.99   £4.99

Accessible introduction to the life and times of one of the towering figures of the American Civil Rights movement

Clement Attlee: The Inevitable Prime Minister
Michael Jago
Condition: New
£12.99   £10.99

A re-appraisement of the life and career of the politician who did the most to shape post-War Britain.

Undreamed Shores: The Hidden Heroines of British Anthropology
Dr Frances Larson
Condition: New
£20.00   £6.99

The extraordinary true story of five women who met in Oxford at the dawn of the 20th century, and set out to explore the furthest reaches of the known world

My Sand Life, My Pebble Life: A memoir of a childhood and the sea
Ian McMillan
Condition: New
£10.99   £5.45

My sand life, my pebble life. My life measured out in tides, coming in and going out. My life measured out in games of trying to spot the sea first. My life measured out in the delicious and indulgent sadness that comes from leaving a holiday cottage for the last time and for the first time in several ...

Unforgiven: Face to Face with my Father's Killer
Liz McGregor
Condition: New
£16.99   £8.99

A searing, intimate memoir tracing the author's attempt to find out the truth about her father's murder.

Blown Away: Refinding Life After My Son's Suicide
Richard Boothby
Condition: New
£20.99   £10.45

This powerful memoir follows a father’s journey to make sense of his world after losing his son to addiction and suicide. Fifteen years ago, Richard Boothby received a fateful call from his ex-wife that their twenty-three-year-old son, Oliver, was dead. Although Richard had been dreading this news, ...

Calder: The Conquest of Time: The Early Years: 1898-1940
Jed Perl
Condition: New
£43.92   £12.95

The first biography of America's greatest twentieth-century sculptor, Alexander Calder: an authoritative and revelatory achievement, based on a wealth of letters and papers never before available, and written by one of our most renowned art critics. Alexander Calder is one of the most beloved and widely ...

Ticket to Ride: My Adventures in Making Big Money and Giving it Away
Sir Peter Lampl
Condition: New
£20.00   £4.45

The candid tale of one of Britain's most outstanding contemporary philanthropists.

Unmade Up: Recollections of a Friendship with David Bowie
Edward Bell
Condition: New
£15.00   £9.99

Intimate look at the authors close relationship with singer David Bowie

The Colour of God: A Story of Family and Faith
Ayesha S. Chaudhry
Condition: New
£10.99   £5.45

A memoir of a fundamentalist Muslim childhood and of redefining faith, belonging and family in adulthood

The Education of Betsey Stockton: An Odyssey of Slavery and Freedom
Gregory Nobles
Condition: New
£20.00   £12.99

The first full-length biography of an extraordinary woman born into slavery who, through grit and determination, became a historic social and educational leader.

The life of Betsey Stockton (ca. 1798-1865) is a remarkable story of a Black woman's journey from slavery to ...

Windswept: why women walk
Annabel Abbs
Condition: New
£10.99   £4.99

A feminist exploration of the power of walking in nature, following in the footsteps of Gwen John, Georgia O'Keeffe, Frieda Lawrence, Clara Vyvyan, Simone de Beauvoir and Nan Shepherd.

Dancing with the Octopus: The Telling of a True Crime
Debora Harding
Condition: New
£9.99   £3.99

A fierce, strikingly redemptive exploration of the impact of traumatic violence on victim, perpetrator and society.

The Stranger's Homecoming: A House in the Alto Minho, Portugal
Igal Sarna
Condition: New
£12.99   £8.45

The Stranger's Homecoming is a love story to Portugal, but also a poignant tale of exile

When the Clouds Fell from the Sky: A Daughter's Search for Her Father in the Killing Fields of Cambodia
Robert Carmichael
Condition: Used, Very Good
£20.00   £4.45

In 1977, young diplomat Ouk Ket was recalled to Cambodia 'to get educated to better fulfil [his] responsibilities'. Left behind in Paris were his French wife and their two young children; they never saw him again. Through this tragedy, the book explores the infamous S-21 prison, the UN-backed trial of its commander, and Cambodia's years of terror.

Ian Fleming: A Personal Memoir
Robert Harling
Condition: New
£20.00   £7.99

This is Robert Harling's account of his close and enduring friendship with one of the twentieth century's most iconic writers: Ian Fleming.

Between the Swastika and the Sickle
James R. Edwards
Condition: New
£25.00   £13.99

On February 15, 1946, the Soviet NKVD raided the home of Ernst Lohmeyer just hours before his inauguration as the president of Greifswald University in Germany. Lohmeyer had survived active duty in both World War I and World War II. A New Testament scholar and theologian, he resisted the rise of Nazi ...

Kissinger 1923-1968: The Idealist
Niall Ferguson
Condition: Used, Like New
£33.10   £9.99

The definitive biography of Henry Kissinger, based on unprecedented access to his private papers
No American statesman has been as revered or as reviled as Henry Kissinger. Once hailed as "Super K"--the "indispensable man" whose advice has been sought by every president from Kennedy to Obama--he has ...

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