Cleopatra, Queen of Kings

Cleopatra, Queen of Kings

Abd Al-Rahman Azzam
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Author:  Abd Al-Rahman Azzam
Condition:  New
Format:  Paperback
Pages:  24
Publisher:  Hood Hood Books Ltd
Year:  1997
ISBN:  9781900251280

Cleopatra was Egypt's last and most famous queen. In an age of war and bloodshed, not only did she use her intelligence, her beauty and her charm to defent her beloved country, but also, the two most powerful men of the time fell in love with her. First as a young woman, she dazzled the great Caesar by rolling herself up in a carpet in order to meet him. Then sometime after Caesar's murder, Cleopatra enchanted the great Mark Antony, so beginning one of the most famous love stories in history and one of its most tragic.