Climate Change (And How We'll Fix It)

Climate Change (And How We'll Fix It)

Alice Harman
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Author:  Alice Harman
Condition:  New
Format:  Hardback
Pages:  64
Publisher:  QED Publishing
Year:  2020
ISBN:  9780711256804

We know what we need to do - so why don't we just sort out climate change? Many kids (and quite a few adults) have asked the question; this book will answer it, with a positive but realistic vision of what the solution to our global crisis looks like.

Part one recaps the physical causes of climate change: burning fossil fuels, destruction of our forests, and humankind's insatiable desire for products. Part two delves into the social and political reasons why we find it so hard to say enough is enough, even when we can see the problem. And part three lays out the solutions that will guide young activists towards a better future.

Accompanied by Andres Lozano's delightful illustrations, author and climate activist Alice Harman shows young readers how to approach the challenges of climate change with fairness, thoughtfulness and compassion.

This inspiring book cuts through the politics and misconceptions, and shows us how we can work together to build a cleaner, fairer, better world.