This Book is Not a Bedtime Story

This Book is Not a Bedtime Story

Eoin McLaughlin
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Author:  Eoin McLaughlin
Condition:  New
Format:  Paperback
Pages:  32
Publisher:  HarperCollins Publishers
Year:  2020
ISBN:  9781843654384

This book is NOT a bedtime story.

It's scary, strange and rather gory.

Bedtime stories make you sleepy.

This book won't. It's much too CREEPY.

Except it isn't... this book is told by a group of monsters who think they're very scary, but in fact they're not - they're cute and cuddly. They try their hardest to scare you - in a haunted house, creepy wood, ghostly ship and darkest dark, but each time they fail! The problem is, these monsters aren't at all spooky. They're a bit silly, actually. And a bit cuddly. In fact, they share the insecurities and worries of us humans and all they want is a cosy, snoozy good night's sleep.

Despite the title of this book it really is a bedtime story. A brilliant tale that reassures children, makes them laugh and gets them ready for a peaceful night's sleep.