Dream Thief, The: Tales of Ramion

Dream Thief, The: Tales of Ramion

Frank Hinks
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Author:  Frank Hinks
Condition:  New
Format:  Hardback
Pages:  80
Publisher:  Perronet Press
Year:  2019
ISBN:  9781909938021

When the Dream Thief steals their mother's dream of being an artist the boys and their Dream Lord cat, Snuggle, set off to rescue her dream. The party, including their mother as a six year old child, pass through the Place of Nightmares (where butterflies with butterfly nets, game birds with shot guns and fish with fishing rods try to get them) and enter the Land of Dreams where with the help of Little Dream and the Hero Dreamhogs they seek the stronghold of the Dream Thief and brave the mighty Gnargs, warrior servants of the Princess of the Night.

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