Spot the Differences Puzzles for Language Learning Fun

Spot the Differences Puzzles for Language Learning Fun

Dave DeRocco
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Author:  Dave DeRocco
Condition:  New
Format:  Paperback
Pages:  200
Publisher:  Full Blast Productions
Year:  1997
ISBN:  9781895451290

Spot the differences puzzles are the ones where you are given nearly identical drawings and you must spot the eight differences. This book consists of 50 spot the differences puzzles. But it is more than just a puzzle book. Each of the 50 drawings is on a subject that students must know about: things like giving directions, taking a driver's test, going to see a doctor, going to a job interview or asking a question in class. Each unit is a self-contained lesson on one of these subjects. To begin with each unit is four pages long. Students are first given a single, error free copy of the drawing, with which they identify objects in the drawing and brainstorm vocabulary. Next your students read a paragraph which tells the story of the drawing. Now your students come up with a title for the unit. Page two has the two copies of the drawing, with and without missing items, and space to write down what they are. Following this are a variety of vocabulary exercises and word puzzles. There is a close dictation and each unit provides a couple of personal interpretation questions, as well. There is a complete answer key.

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