The Art of War Journal

The Art of War Journal

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Condition:  New
Format:  Hardback
Pages:  160
Publisher:  Amber Books Ltd
Year:  2021
ISBN:  9781838861018

Written in the 6th century BCE, Sun Tzu's The Art of War is still used as a book of military strategy today, as well as being extremely popular among politicians. Napoleon, Mae Zedong and Douglas MacArthur all claimed to have drawn inspiration from it. And beyond the world of war, modern-era business and management gurus have also applied Sun Tzu's ideas to politics and corporate strategy.
In this Chinese-bound journal, each spread page has ample space for your thoughts and notes, and features a key, insightful quote from Sun Tsu's famous and much-read work.
The book is robust enough to be unpacked and repacked. You could fill the pages of this journal while sitting on a mountaintop, on a railway platform, in your office lunch hour or in the privacy of your own home. Beautifully made with traditional Chinese bookbinding techniques, this is more than a hardwearing book. It is something exquisite to be cherished.
The Art of War Journal is the perfect place for you to record your thoughts - and be inspired by ancient Chinese military wisdom.

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