Millions of Women are Waiting to Meet You: A Story of Life, Love and Internet Dating

Millions of Women are Waiting to Meet You: A Story of Life, Love and Internet Dating

Sean Thomas
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Author:  Sean Thomas
Condition:  New
Format:  Paperback
Pages:  320
Publisher:  Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Year:  2006
ISBN:  9780747582199

Sean Thomas was single, thirty-seven and, by his own admission, just 'a tiny bit desperate' to meet the woman of his dreams, when he was asked by the editor of "Men's Health" to try Internet dating. "Millions of Women are Waiting to Meet You" tells the poignant, hilarious and intriguing story of what happened next. Included are the tales of the Chinese woman who stalked him, the Welsh girl who dumped him because he didn't like soup, and the vivacious young woman who turned out to be rather too professional. But, "Millions of Women" is not just a gloriously indiscreet diary of the dates, good and bad. It also tells a story of how he was obliged to look at his past chequered love life, to find out what it was he liked and disliked in women, and what women might like and dislike in him. Similarly, in his trawl through the twilight world of the Internet he was forced to answer questions about his own sexuality and male sexuality in general. Why were so many men fascinated by lesbians? What was so good about stockings? And what was it like to have sex with someone really famous? As "Fever Pitch" was to football, so "Millions of Women" is to love.
In its account of one man's feelings and experiences it tells the story of many men, and maybe some women too. A unique combination of "The Sexual Life of Catherine M" with "Things Can Only Get Better", "Millions of Women are Waiting to Meet You" will appeal to any woman who wants to know what men really think about sex and romance, and to any man who has wondered just why he is so keen on denim hotpants.