Run with the Wolves: Take a walk on the wild side

Run with the Wolves: Take a walk on the wild side

Lucinda Wilde
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Author:  Lucinda Wilde
Condition:  New
Format:  Paperback
Pages:  96
Publisher:  Octopus Publishing Group
Year:  2019
ISBN:  9781846015823

A humorous gift book for anyone who won't keep calm and carry on, and who feels the world has gone a unicorn too far.

Do not fear the wolf. Be the wolf.

In a world of flamingos and unicorns, it can be hard to be a warrior. Chilling and musing are fine for some, but the universe needs achievers. For every gatherer, there must be a hunter, for every dreamer, a do-er.

The next time there is a full moon, open the window and let it in: it is time to embrace your inner wolf.
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