You Goddess!: Life Lessons from Awesome Immortals

You Goddess!: Life Lessons from Awesome Immortals

Beth Coates, Elizabeth Foley
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Author:  Beth Coates, Elizabeth Foley
Condition:  New
Format:  Paperback
Pages:  272
Publisher:  Faber & Faber
Year:  2022
ISBN:  9780571359974

'What guts. What attitude! These are the immortals I wish I'd learned about at school.'

Channel the feminist power of mythical goddesses in this witty, inspirational gift book.


Whether it's the Norse warrior goddess Freya breaking all the rules, the Yoruba goddess Oshun being unafraid to ask for what she's owed, or the Japanese goddess Uzume finding humour and playfulness in even the most embarrassing of situations: this fierce and fantastic tour of 25 ancient deities reclaims these feminist icons for a new generation.

Why settle for mere mortal excellence when you could be living like a goddess?

Divinely illustrated by Georgia Perry, You Goddess! will help you conquer today's world.

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