Brunch is Hell: How to Save the World by Throwing a Dinner Party

Brunch is Hell: How to Save the World by Throwing a Dinner Party

Rico Gagliano, Brendan Francis Newman
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Author:  Rico Gagliano, Brendan Francis Newman
Condition:  New
Format:  Hardback
Pages:  224
Publisher:  Little, Brown & Company
Year:  2017
ISBN:  9780316338950

Q. What makes you smart, sophisticated, generous, and stylish all at once?
A. Throwing a great dinner party.
Q. What doesn't?
A. Brunch.

Rico Gagliano and Brendan Francis Newnam have written the ultimate guide to hosting a soiree: an easy-to-follow manual for maximizing your party's spectacularness and saying no to brunch plans.

They're just the gentlemen to do it. Each week on their podcast and public radio show, Rico and Brendan share the urbane wit and adult pleasures of a terrific dinner party with nearly a million other listeners as they discuss life, art, culture, news, and what's for dessert.

Dinner parties are the key to a grown-up, civilized, satisfying life--and throwing one is easier than you think. The Dinner Party Manifesto demystifies invitations, food, drink, and decor, and shows how you can uncork memorable conversations and laughter that rolls into the wee hours. It also includes funny--but practical--solutions to common party pitfalls, including a formula to determine who gets the last piece of food on a communal plate, and a guide to making the ultimate dinner party playlist.

In the bestselling tradition of Adulting and I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence, this is an entertaining, informative book about how to become the most interesting person you know.

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