The Sassy Bitch's Book Of Dirty Jokes

The Sassy Bitch's Book Of Dirty Jokes

Katie Reynolds
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Author:  Katie Reynolds
Condition:  Used, Like New
Format:  Paperback
Pages:  208
Publisher:  Ulysses Press
Year:  2009
ISBN:  9781569756980

Condition notes:
New and unread

Are you ready for a salacious selection of dirty humor that finally gives the girls something to laugh about? Daring you not to blush, The Sassy Bitch’s Book of Dirty Jokes makes fun of everything from romance, one-night stands and dirty talk to foreplay, penis size and between-the-sheets mishaps. And since nothing is funnier than men, this book devilishly and indecently lays bare the pathetic yet hilarious side of the lesser sex.

? Do you know how men’s driving is just like their lovemaking?

They always pull out without checking to see if anyone else is coming.

? What’s the mating call of the blonde?

?I’m so drunk.”

? What’s the mating call of the ugly blonde?

?I said ?I’m sooo drunk!!!’”

? A girl giving confession says, ?Last night my boyfriend made love to me six times.” The priest says, ?For this act of fornication, you must suck six lemons.” ?Will that absolve me?” asks the girl.

?No,” replies the priest. ?But it might wipe that damned grin off your face.”

? Did you hear about the baby that was born half-male and half-female?

It had a penis and a brain.

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