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Adge: King of the Wurzels
John Hudson
Condition: New
£12.00   £3.99

Drink Up Thy Zider!

Adge Cutler died on his way home from a gig in 1974, at a time when a major TV breakthrough was within his grasp but before his group the Wurzels reached the top of the charts. In 2012 the Wurzels continue to pack venues all over the West Country and beyond, with Adge’s band-mates ...

Last Rockers: The Vice Squad Story
Shane Baldwin
Condition: New
£14.00   £4.99

Last Rockers: The Vice Squad Story has been republished by Tangent Books. The book is written by Shane Baldwin, drummer with the Bristol punk band who signed a major record deal after forming in 1979.

The second edition includes interviews with fellow Vice Squad band members, including both vocalists, ...

Sounds and Sweet Airs: The Forgotten Women of Classical Music
Anna Beer
Condition: Used, Like New
£16.99   £5.99

The hidden history of the women who dared to write music in a man's world

This Woman's Work: Essays on Music
Condition: New
£9.99   £4.99

A collection about the female experience in and of music by some of the most intelligent and famous writers of the moment

Guitar Zero: The Science of Learning to be Musical
Gary Marcus
Condition: Used, Very Good
£11.88   £3.45

A renowned neuroscientist with no musical talent investigates what it takes to make music

Present Tense: A Radiohead Compendium
Barney Hoskyns
Condition: New
£10.99   £4.99

A Rock's Backpages anthology of Radiohead, the most radical and fascinating rock band in modern music history, edited and introduced by Barney Hoskyns.

Love of My Life: The Life and Loves of Freddie Mercury
Lesley-Ann Jones
Condition: New
£10.99   £4.99

The truth behind Freddie Mercury's complex romantic relationships.

Renegade: The Lives and Tales of Mark E. Smith
Mark E. Smith
Condition: New
£10.99   £3.99

An autobiography that presents the author's take on the ups and downs of a band as notorious for its in-house fighting as for its great music; and on a life that has endured prison in America, drugs, bankruptcy, divorce, and the often bleak results of a legendary thirst.

BTS: K-Pop Power
Sara Stanford
Condition: New
£7.99   £5.99

BTS is the K-pop band that has taken the world by storm! BTS' K-pop power is harnessed with fabulous photography, meet each band member, see their meteoric rise to fame, their style, and lots more to keep their huge army of fans entertained.

The Legend of Pink Floyd
Marie Clayton
Condition: New
£14.99   £9.99

Classic, rare and unseen photographs illustrate this compact history of this enduringly popular band up to the modern day.

Why Beethoven: A Phenomenon in 100 Pieces
Norman Lebrecht
Condition: New
£20.00   £9.99

Beethoven's life and legacy in 100 recordings

Side by Side: Selected Lyrics
Robert Wyatt
Condition: New
£14.99   £4.99

The life's work of two of British music's most unique and timeless artists, with an introduction by Jarvis Cocker.

Richard Thompson with Scott Timberg
Condition: New
£9.99   £3.99

The memoir of international music icon Richard Thompson, co-founder of the legendary folk rock group Fairport Convention.

Richard Thompson came of age during an extraordinary moment in 1960s Britain – as music began to reflect a great cultural awakening, the guitarist and songwriter co-founded Fairport ...

Jonathan Keates
Condition: New
£16.99   £4.99

The story of the composition, first performances and cultural afterlife of one of the best-loved and most widely performed works in the entire history of music.

Led Zeppelin
Hugh Fielder
Condition: New
£9.99   £4.99

Led Zeppelin's blend of rock and heavy metal with other genres of music such as blues, soul, folk, pop, Indian and Celtic ranks them as one of the all-time greatest bands. Taking a chronological look at their career, this work takes the reader from the heady days in 1968, up to 1980 when they became household names on both sides of the Atlantic.

Kill 'Em and Leave: Searching for the Real James Brown
James McBride
Condition: New
£9.99   £4.99

A personal journey in search of the soul legend James Brown by National Book Award-winning novelist James McBride

Bohemian Rhapsody - Le livre officiel du film (French Edition)
Brian May (Preface), Roger Taylor (Preface)
Condition: New

Dans les coulisses du film événement sur Queen et Freddie Mercury A l'occasion de la sortie de Bohemian Rhapsody ce livre retrace l'histoire extraordinaire du groupe et de son leader en plongeant le lecteur dans les coulisses de la création du film. Avec tous les détails sur le casting, les décors ...

Treasures of the Beatles
Terry Burrows
Condition: New

Box set containing hardback fully illustrated book with many photographs of the band and facsimiles of memorabilia from early days to splitting up along with text presented in an engaging way.

Hell Bent for Leather: Confessions of a Heavy Metal Addict
Seb Hunter
Condition: New
£12.99   £3.25

Seb Hunter was a heavy metal fan and he's not proud. In fact he was more than a fan; he was a blind devotee who threw away his education to become a rock star. He failed. This is his story of 15 years spent hurtling down the rock 'n' roll bus lane.

Little Symphonies: A Phil Spector Reader
Condition: New
£9.99   £3.99

A collection of articles, interviews and reviews dealing with the legendary inventor of the Wall of Sound. Accused of murder, responsible for the stellar success of Ike and Tina Turner, The Righteous Brothers and The Ramones and the inventor of the modern record producer, Spector has driven more landmarks ...

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