Open Questions: Diverse Thinkers Discuss God, Religion, and Faith

Open Questions: Diverse Thinkers Discuss God, Religion, and Faith

Luis F. Rodrigues
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Author:  Luis F. Rodrigues
Condition:  New
Format:  Hardback
Pages:  360
Publisher:  ABC-CLIO
Year:  2010
ISBN:  9780313386442

This book offers 27 interviews with distinguished intellectuals from different fields of expertise, presenting their viewpoints about the existence and nonexistence of God, the roles of religion and science, and other related-and controversial-topics.

Subjects such as spirituality, the existence of God, atheism, and the concept of one true religion are profound, incendiary topics. This collection of interviews about faith and religion will fascinate anyone-believer or nonbeliever-who is interested in the interaction of science, religion, and belief in contemporary culture.

Open Questions: Diverse Thinkers Discuss God, Religion, and Faith is a compelling invitation to each of us to examine our positions on these highly charged subjects. It will both answer questions and inspire new inquiries. In the process of creating this book, author and interviewer Luis F. Rodrigues was driven by his natural and intense curiosity rather than by dogmatic or institutional bias; he had no agenda other than to fairly present multiple points of view on the widely debated topics at hand. This compilation of easy-to-read interviews with individuals like John Dominic Crossan, Dinesh D'Souza, A.C. Grayling, and James Randi will appeal to general readers as well as theologians and academics.

  • Contributors include distinguished scholars and investigators with both religious and nonreligious worldviews
  • New interviews, never published before, provide unique and accessible insight into the current thinking of prominent scholars
  • Provides various viewpoints on controversial topics in a civil, respectful manner
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