Reading Revelation: A Thematic Approach

Reading Revelation: A Thematic Approach

W. Gordon Campbell
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Author:  W. Gordon Campbell
Condition:  New
Format:  Paperback
Pages:  430
Publisher:  James Clarke & Co Ltd
Year:  2012
ISBN:  9780227173831

In general, Revelation studies continue to favour going outside or behind the text (in search of its context of origin, via the historical-critical paradigm) or, more recently, in front of the text (to investigate the book's reception history, past and present). To date, relatively little synchronic exegetical work inside the text has been undertaken, with the aim of understanding the text as we have it and on its own terms. To facilitate such work, narrative criticism has supplied some much-needed tools and methods, although these are mainly used to explore the mechanics of how a text 'works' via an examination of its moving parts. Campbell uses this methodology in a way that respects Revelation's narrative verve, adjusting and supplementing it so as to take account of the book's sophisticated thematic content. The result is a coherent and satisfying account of how Revelation's complex parts fit together into a meaningful whole. Throughout, the author is motivated by the conviction that the Church requires a biblical-theological appreciation of Revelation's story, developed from inside the text.
This involves relating Revelation adequately to the rest of Christian Scripture - both to the Gospels and Epistles and to the Old Testament, to which it so frequently alludes.

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