Global Dictionary of Theology: A Resource For The Worldwide Church

Global Dictionary of Theology: A Resource For The Worldwide Church

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Condition:  New
Format:  Hardback
Pages:  996
Publisher:  Inter-Varsity Press
Year:  2008
ISBN:  9781844743506

The Global Dictionary of Theology' is inspired by the shift of the centre of Christianity from the West to the global South. But it also reflects the increase in two-way traffic between these two sectors as well as the global awareness that has permeated popular culture to an unprecedented degree.
'The Global Dictionary of Theology' has approximately 250 articles written by over 100 contributors representing a global spectrum of theological perspectives. The full range of standard theological topics are represented, but in addition to the Western tradition the GDT canvasses the array of theologies that are currently being worked out around the globe. Many articles are composite in nature and achieve a sort of conversation between more than one global perspective. The GDT surveys, describes and classifies the rich variety of theological perspectives that have grown in local and diverse soils around the globe.
In an age of unprecedented global awareness, the GDT will become a standard launching point of theological research that will enrich every student's understanding of theology.
Moving beyond mission theology, it explores the local and global theological fruit of the inculturation of the gospel.

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