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Entrusted with the Gospel: Fan the Flame!
Condition: New
£8.99   £3.85

Comfort Detox: Finding Freedom from Habits that Bind You
Erin M. Straza
Condition: New
£13.45   £6.99

"For too long I have lived life on comfort mode, making choices for life engagement based on safety, ease, and convenience. It has left me very little wiggle room, just a small parcel of real estate upon which to live, move, and have my being. It's not quite the abundant life Jesus was offering." Whether ...

A Universal Heart: The Life and Vision of Brother Roger of Taize
Kathryn Spink
Condition: New
£12.99   £5.99

A special anniversary edition of the biography of the man who made the phenomenon of Taize possible.

Good News to the Poor: The Gospel Through Social Involvement
Tim Chester
Condition: New

Constructs an approach to social action that is shaped and inspired by the gospel.

Old Testament Theology for Christians: From Ancient Context to Enduring Belief
John H. Walton
Condition: New
£25.50   £17.95

Maintaining that the Old Testament was not written to us but for us, John Walton anchors Old Testament theology in its ancient Near Eastern Context. Following this approach he offers us a unique look at the theological dimensions of the Old Testament. Here is the fruit of a career of studying and teaching ...

The Theological Turn in Youth Ministry
Andrew Root, Kenda Creasy Dean
Condition: New
£16.99   £8.45

Andrew Root and Kenda Creasy Dean invite us to envision youth ministries full of practical theologians, addressing the deep questions of life with a wonderfully adolescent mix of idealism, cynicism and prophetic intolerance for hypocrisy. The result is a more rigorous and meaningful youth ministry, and ...

Knowing God Through the Year (Through the Year Devotional Series)
J. I. Packer
Condition: New

A year's worth of devotions are drawn from J. I. Packer's much-loved classic of Christian spirituality, Knowing God.

ESV Student Bible
Condition: New

The Message of the Resurrection: Christ is Risen!
Paul Beasley-Murray
Condition: New
£12.99   £6.99

Paul Beasley-Murray highlights the resurrection as the climax of the gospel. Exploring a wide range of Scripture passages, he paints for you the message of the resurrection on the larger canvas of God's story--framed by creation and re-creation.

Encountering God's Word: Beginning Biblical Studies
Philip Duce, Daniel Strange
Condition: New
£9.99   £3.15

The Provocative Church: AND Study Guide
Graham Tomlin
Condition: New

Offers a liberating understanding of evangelism as a corporate activity, in which the gifts needed to enact the life of the Kingdom - to stir people into asking, 'What does this mean?' - are spread throughout the whole Church. This book encourages the development of a theology of conversion that sees beyond 'becoming a Christian'.

The New Testament: A Beginner's Guide
W. R. Telford
Condition: New
£9.99   £3.99

The most wide-ranging and illuminating guide on the subject

The New Visibility of Religion: Studies in Religion and Cultural Hermeneutics
Condition: New
£24.99   £4.99

A collection of essays that brings together contributions from theology, aesthetics, social and political science, philosophy and cultural theory to examine the surge in the public visibility of religion. It examines the phenomenon of the rise of religion in Western Europe from various interrelated perspectives.

ESV Large Print Personal Size Bible
Condition: New

The ESV Large Print Personal Size Bible features highly readable Bible text in a convenient format. Combining 12-point type with line-matching and quality materials, this edition ensures that God's Word will remain readable regardless of length of use. The Large Print Personal Size Bible is perfect for ...

Out of Many Faiths: Religious Diversity and the American Promise
Eboo Patel
Condition: New

A timely defense of religious diversity and its centrality to American identityAmerica is the most religiously devout country in the Western world and the most religiously diverse nation on the planet. In today's volatile climate of religious conflict, prejudice, and distrust, how do we affirm the principle ...

Forgiveness is Healing
Russ Parker
Condition: New

Russ Parker examines the whole area of forgiveness and healing. While always aware of the costly nature of true forgiveness, he demonstrates that our lives will be greatly diminished if we do not reach out to offer and receive the love and healing displayed so abundantly in the person of Jesus Christ.

Easter in Three Words
William Taylor
Condition: New

Just the Two of Us?: Help and Strength in the Struggle to Conceive
Ellie Margesson, Sue McGowan
Condition: New

Much Ado About Something: A Vision of Christian Maturity
Larry Culliford
Condition: New

This book reveals how we may develop from childhood innocence to spiritual maturity, via a series of psychological stages, through constant (but often unconscious) communication with the Holy Spirit.

Does Science Undermine Faith?: A Little Book Of Guidance
Professor Roger Trigg
Condition: New
£3.99   £0.99

Roger Trigg examines the debate about whether or not science disproves God.

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