Popular Guide to Norfolk Churches: Volume III - West and South-West Norfolk

Popular Guide to Norfolk Churches: Volume III - West and South-West Norfolk

C.V. Roberts, D.P. Mortlock
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Author:  C.V. Roberts, D.P. Mortlock
Condition:  New
Format:  Paperback
Pages:  256
Publisher:  James Clarke & Co Ltd
Year:  2004
ISBN:  9780718891602

Third in a series of invaluable and straightforward pocket guides to the 'living' medieval churches of Norfolk, that will help the church visitor to understand the universal features of churches as well as those unique to each different area. The profusion of medieval churches in Norfolk are not only examples of beautiful church architecture but are also records of their communities, and of the history of medieval England. These guides are highly illustrated with photographs and line drawings and a detailed map aids locating each church within the county, and includes a substantial reference back-up in encyclopaedic form, which answers a host of questions and queries which may tease the church visitor. For example, why do so many churches have north doors, and yet so often have them blocked up? And why does the pagan Green Man so often find a place in our Christian Churches? This series provides the answers. It is written by enthusiasts to whom the real appeal is that, once you have broken the code and learned the language, then every Church is different, be it ever so humble, with its own story to offer. These guides provide the key.
Volume Three covers the churches of west and south-west Norfolk.