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Down & Out: The Collected Writings of the Oldie Columnist Wilfred De'Ath
Wilfred De'Ath
Condition: New
£12.99   £2.99

First edited collection of the columns of Wilfred De'Ath, regular columnist with monthly mag the Oldie with an introduction by Melvin Bragg. Original cover artwork and line-drawings by renowned illustrator, Larry. Contains an insightful and humorous first-hand account of life as a homeless intellectual—who ...

Time at War: a memoir
Nicholas Mosley
Condition: New
£14.99   £3.99

The revelatory wartime memoir of how WWII helped the son of Oswald Mosley come to terms with his father's role as leader of British fascists.

Light Me a Candle
Terence Dillon
Condition: New

Family & health.

Soulmates: True Stories from the World of Online Dating
Sonali Fernando
Condition: New
£8.99   £2.99

Online matchmaking is the dating phenomenon of our times. In 2007, 7.8 million Britons used some form of online dating service in pursuit of romance. This book offers a guide to the world of online dating, showing you how to construct the perfect profile, giving tips on dating etiquette, and offering advice to help you find the right match.

The Yew Tree at the Head of the Strand
Brian Cosgrove
Condition: New
£12.95   £3.99

A humorous memoir of growing up in Newry predominantly Catholic and sometimes fiercely Nationalist' in the 1940s and 50s. It focuses on the figures of the author's father, a hard working and deeply thoughtful family man, and especially his mother an ordinary/extraordinary' woman.

Recollections of France: Memories, Identities and Heritage in Contemporary France
Condition: New

Since the 1980s, France has experienced a vigorous revival of interest in its past and cultural heritage. This has been expressed as part of a movement of remembering through museums and festivals as well as via elaborate commemorations, most notably those held to celebrate the bi-centenary of the ...

Travels of Sir John Maundeville, 1322-1356
E C Coleman
Condition: New

Travels of Sir John Maundeville

I Love a Broad Margin To My Life
Maxine Hong Kingston
Condition: New
£14.99   £2.99

Born in 1940, one of eight children, Maxine Hong Kingston is the daughter of Chinese immigrants to America. This memoir recalls her first major work "The Woman Warrior" in which she blended Chinese myth with fiction and autobiography to reflect on her mother's past life in China and the experience of immigrants to America.

A Nomad's Journey
Atilla Bektore
Condition: New

A gripping true tale of life in Russia, Turkey, and the United States, A Nomad's Journey shares the incredible story of Atilla Bektore and his father, Shevki Bektore. Born in Dobruja, Rumania, in 1888, Shevki Bektore dreams of being a teacher in his ancestral land of the Crimea. When the horrifying events ...

Thomas Brassey: The Greatest Railway Builder in the World
Tom Stacey
Condition: New
£5.95   £0.99

Thomas Brassey was the greatest railway builder in the world and a colossus of Victorian enterprise who has become, perhaps, the most unsung hero of his age. For some 30 years up to his death in 1870, Brassey was employing an average of 80,000 men on as many as a dozen railway projects simultaneously, ...

Anthony Trollope
Graham Handley
Condition: New
£5.99   £1.99

A concise biography of one of the most popular of Victorian novelists.

George IV
Michael De-la-Noy
Condition: New
£5.99   £1.99

George IV continues to be admired as a collector of discernment and an architectural patron of genius. Yet his life was also stalked by tragedy and farce: his father was considered mad, his daughter died in childbirth and his secret marriage was illegal. This biography introduces the monarch.

Donald Trelford
Condition: New

This is the biography of W.G. Grace. One of England's greatest cricketers, he dominated the game for nearly half a century. His rotund and bearded figure made him one of the most famous characters of the Victorian age, along with Gladstone and Queen Victoria herself.

Cut from Whole Cloth: An Immigrant Experience
Richard J. Franke
Condition: New

Here the author offers an intimate account of the American immigrant experience, recounting the moving story of his grandparents' struggle to build a new life in turn-of-the-century America. By turns charming, wrenching, and poetic, this book is an intensely personal yet timeless tale that will appeal to nearly every descendant of immigrants.

An Unseemly Man
Larry Flynt
Condition: New
£6.99   £2.99

This autobiography details the story of Larry Flynt's rise from small town beginnings to become one of the richest men in America, owning a string of nightclubs, sex outlets and, of course, the infamous pornographic magazine, "Hustler".

Beaumarchais in Seville: An Intermezzo
Hugh Thomas
Condition: New
£18.00   £3.99

In 1764-65, the irrepressible playwright Beaumarchais travelled to Madrid, where he immersed himself in the life and society of the day. This book is an account of Beaumarchais's visit to Madrid (he never went to Seville) and a re-creation of the society that fired his imagination.

Aya Goda
Condition: New

Features the author's search of enlightenment and freedom. This book allows the reader to share the author's steps to taste various flavours of contemporary China.

Works on Paper
Holroyd, Michael.
Condition: New

A collection of essays presents two pieces on the ethics and values of nonfiction writing and continues with an examination of several contemporary biographers, discussions of the author's experiences, and a treatise on the role of fiction.

The Mistress's Daughter
A. M. Homes
Condition: New
£10.99   £2.99

On the day that Homes was born in 1961, she was given up for adoption. Thirty years later, Homes was contacted by a lawyer on behalf of her birth mother, and they began to correspond; her biological father contacted her soon after. This story is about these two individuals and their effect on the adult ...

Angel in Disguise?
Victoria Mary Clark
Condition: New
£7.99   £2.99

The spiritual journey of Pouge's frontman Shane MacGowan's girlfriend, after having hit rock bottom with her hard-partying lifestyle.

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