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The Third Population
Aurelien Ducoudray, Jeff Pourquie
Condition: New
£19.99   £13.99

An exploration, in graphic novel form, of the French psychiatric clinic La Chesnaie. Illustrates the supportive environment where patients and caregivers participate equally in the day-to-day operations of the clinic.

Good Talk: A Memoir in Conversations
Mira Jacob
Condition: New
£16.99   £5.99


'Hilarious and heart-rending' Celeste Ng

'Heartbreaking, but also infused with levity and humour. What stands out most is the ...

Us Two Together
Condition: New
£29.95   £17.99

An account of the author's experience of her father's illness, primary progressive aphasia, in graphic novel format.

Fatherland: A Family History
Nina Bunjevac
Condition: New
£17.46   £8.99

"A heartfelt and extremely absorbing examination of exile, reconciliation and destructive vividly immediate as any headline." -Rachel Cooke, Guardian

X (Malcolm): Pictures By Sue Coe
Judith Moore
Condition: New

Surrealistic paintings attack the evils of modern society, including racism, sexism, the criminal justice system, exploitation of the poor, and issues that concerned Malcolm X

Brand of the Werewolf & Fear Cay
Kenneth Robeson
Condition: New
£10.10   £6.99

It Came!
Dan Boultwood
Condition: New
£14.99   £4.99

1958. Driving through the British countryside, unthinkingly misogynistic space scientist, Dr Boy Brett, and his companion, Doris Night, pop into a quaint village pub for a cheese ploughman's. Waiting for them outside is a most unwelcome visitor: Grurk, an indestructible, monosyllabic robot from outer space.

Algeriennes: The Forgotten Women of the Algerian Revolution
Swann Meralli, Deloupy
Condition: New
£19.59   £6.99

A graphic novel depicting the stories of women who fought with the National Liberation Front in the Algerian War of Independence.

Prexit: What could have been
Bruce Tamagno
Condition: New

Bad Island
Stanley Donwood
Condition: Used, Very Good
£16.24   £3.99

A starkly beautiful, wordless graphic novel about the end of the world by the cult artist and longtime Radiohead collaborator. A wild seascape, a distant island, a full moon. Gradually the island grows nearer until we land on a primeval wilderness, rich in vegetation and huge, strange beasts. Time passes ...

Lily Renee, Escape Artist From Holocaust Surviver To Comic Book Pioneer
Robbins Trina, Timmons Anne, Oh Moh
Condition: Used, Like New
£10.00   £3.99

In 1938, Lily Renée Wilheim is a 14-year-old Jewish girl living in Vienna. Her days are filled with art and ballet. Then the Nazis march into Austria, and Lily's life is shattered overnight. Suddenly, her own country is no longer safe for her or her family. To survive, Lily leaves her parents behind ...

Kamen Rider Kuuga Vol. 1
Shotaro Ishinomori, Hitotsu Yokoshima
Condition: New
£9.99   £5.99

For the first time in English, the classic manga adaptation by Tokusatsu legend Shotaro Ishinomori. Based on the Kamen Rider Kuuga TV series, currently airing on Shout Factory in the US.

Leon the Extraordinary
Jamar Nicholas
Condition: New
£8.99   £3.99

In the city where Leon lives, superheroes are everywhere. So how
does an ordinary kid who has no superpowers himself, become the superhero
he wants to be? When all his classmates suddenly become
obsessed with a new phone app that turns them into zombies, Leon
gets his chance to prove that using his brain and following his heart
can save the day.

Negalyod: The God Network
Vincent Perriot
Condition: New
£36.99   £19.99

Negalyod follows dinosaur shepherd, Jarri, as he joins a rebel group intent on destroying the totalitarian government that controls his dystopian world. Perfect for fans of Jurassic World!

Bodacious Space Pirates: Abyss of Hyperspace Vol. 1
Saito Tatsuo
Condition: New
£10.40   £4.99

Kato Marika is an ambitious seventeen-year-old student who is the president of the school's Space Yacht Club. For in her spare time, the spunky teen moonlights as the captain of the Bentenmaru, an infamous ship full of rough and tumble space pirates who strike fear and delight in the hearts of many!

Saint Seiya: Saintia Sho Vol. 2
Masami Kurumada
Condition: New
£10.40   £4.99

The newest iteration of the genre defining Saint Seiya series-now with an anime adaptation!

Yokai Rental Shop Vol. 2
Shin Mashiba
Condition: New
£10.40   £4.99

The newest supernatural series from the creator of Nightmare Inspector!

In Search of Lost Time
Marcel Proust
Condition: New
£15.60   £6.99

Celebrated as a “literary gateway drug” to Proust’s masterpiece (NPR), the New York Times–best-selling graphic adaptation continues with this highly anticipated new volume. In what renowned translator Arthur Goldhammer called “a piano reduction of an orchestral score,” the first volume of ...

Avengers Volume 1: Avengers World (marvel Now)
Jonathan Hickman
Condition: New
£16.25   £4.99

The greatest heroes in comics, together as one unbeatable team! The Avengers "go large," expanding their roster and sphere of influence to a global and even interplanetary level. When Captain America puts out his call, who will respond? The answers will surprise you! The Avengers' first mission takes ...

The Classic Era of American Comics
Nicky Wright
Condition: New
£16.99   £7.99

The American comic book attracted superb artists who could create characters and tell stories as memorable as those in the movies or popular novels. Taking us from the 1930s right through to the 1950s, this title tells the story of the publishers, the artists and the industry itself.

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