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DC Comics Super-Villains: 100 Greatest Moments: Highlights from the History of the World's Greatest Super-Villains: Volume 5
Robert Greenberger
Condition: New
£24.99   £8.99

DC Comics has created some of the most twisted and complex villainous characters in the world of comics. The third installment in the popular 100 Greatest Moments of DC Comics series, DC Comics Super-Villains features the pivotal acts that shaped the characters of 74 of these bad guys in over 200 pages ...

Area 51: The Graphic History of America's Most Secret Military Installation
Greg Scott, Dwight Zimmerman
Condition: New
£12.99   £7.45

The actual history of the United States’ worst-keptmilitarysecret revealed in graphic format. Though nearly everyone has heard of it, almost no one has known anything about it . . . until now. Located in the remote Nevada desert near the dry bed of Groom Lake, Area 51 is the most famous military installation ...

In Search of Lost Time: In the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower
,Marcel Proust
Condition: New
£19.99   £10.99

'Captures the essence of Proust beautifully' The Economist

After the New York Times-bestselling adaptation - hailed as a 'Proust for the people' - this centenary edition of the Goncourt-winning In the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower unveils the masterpiece beyond the madeleine.

The defining French ...

Alien Hunter
James Patterson
Condition: New
£9.99   £5.95

The story of Daniel X, the alien hunter, is brought to life in this brilliantly illustrated, fast-paced graphic novel. Daniel X works alone. Having watched from the shadows as the brutal murder of his own parents unfolded before him, he has been forced to make his own way in a dark and unforgiving world ...

Messenger: The Legend of Joan of Arc
Tony Lee
Condition: New

A gripping and powerful story of Joan of Arc's short but inspirational life fighting for freedom during the One Hundred Years War between France and England.

Fatherland: A Family History
Nina Bunjevac
Condition: New
£17.46   £4.99

"A heartfelt and extremely absorbing examination of exile, reconciliation and destructive vividly immediate as any headline." -Rachel Cooke, Guardian

Kill My Mother: A Graphic Novel
Jules Feiffer
Condition: New
£14.41   £4.99

When three daunting dolls intersect with one hapless heroine and a hard-boiled private eye, deception, betrayal and murder stalk every mean street.

The Perilous Adventures of the Cowboy King: A Novel of Teddy Roosevelt and His Times
Jerome Charyn
Condition: New

"Charyn, like Nabokov, is that most fiendish sort of writer-so seductive as to beg imitation, so singular as to make imitation impossible." -Tom Bissell

Fantastic Four By Jonathan Hickman - Volume 6
Jonathan Hickman, Ron Garney
Condition: New

Jonathan Hickman's groundbreaking run comes to an explosive end! First, explore the future and the past: Witness the Fantastic Four of the year 3030, and learn the secret history of Marvel's first family! Then, follow the team on a journey through an alien landscape as a life hangs in the balance! And ...

Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-man: Web Warriors Volume 3
Joe Caramagna
Condition: New

Spider-Man teams up with the Marvel Universe's greatest heroes in a series of all-new, all- ages adventures! See Spidey team up with Blade to track down Dracula. Also featuring Captain America, Wolverine, Iron Patriot and Nick Fury's secret super monster team The Howling Commandos! COLLECTING: MARVEL ...

Marvelman Family's Finest
Hachette Australia
Condition: New

"A recluse Astro-Scientist discovers the key word to the Universe, one that can only be given to a Boy who is completely honest, studious, and of such integrity that he would only use it for the powers of good. He finds such a Boy in MICKY MORAN, a Newspaper Copy Boy, and treats him in a special machine ...

Bye Bye Birdie
Shirley Hughes
Condition: New
£12.99   £3.99

Shirley Hughes is one of the best-loved and most innovative creators of books for young children. A young man, in his best bow-tie and boater, meets a fashionably dressed - and rather bird-like - young lady.

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