When Parents Worry: The Real Calls Doctors Receive...from Moles That Seem to Move to Funny-Smelling Poo

When Parents Worry: The Real Calls Doctors Receive...from Moles That Seem to Move to Funny-Smelling Poo

Henry Anderson
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Author:  Henry Anderson
Condition:  New
Format:  Paperback
Pages:  160
Publisher:  Adams Media Corporation
Year:  2012
ISBN:  9781440545481

A bird pooped in my daughter's mouth yesterday. Do we need to worry about anything?

Sure, kids may say and do the darndest things, but concerned parents definitely take it to a whole other level. While these moms and dads certainly mean well, it's hard for anyone (even a pediatrician) not to dissolve into laughter when they hear weird and unexpected questions like:

Betty ate cheese from a mousetrap from which the mouse also ate. Is that anything to worry about?

Should my eight-year-old wear boxers or briefs?

I dropped off my son's urine sample in a Tupperware container. Can you please give it back when you're done?

From concerns about pickle-shaped poos to the risks of sitting on Santa's lap, Dr. Henry Anderson, a pediatrician in private practice, has heard it all and now you can, too.
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