Shooting Stars: Drugs, Hollywood and the Movies

Shooting Stars: Drugs, Hollywood and the Movies

Harry Shapiro
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Author:  Harry Shapiro
Condition:  New
Format:  Paperback
Pages:  384
Publisher:  Profile Books Ltd
Year:  2005
ISBN:  9781852427849

From 1920s marijuana mayhem through the cocaine storm that hit Hollywood in the ?70s and the heroin chic films of the ?90s, Shooting Stars investigates the drug myths propagated in movies and looks at the links between censorship, public morals and the Hollywood dream machine. Shooting Stars begins with the opium movies of the silent era and covers every major and most minor drugs films right up to the present day. From Reefer Madness through The Man with the Golden Arm and on to films such as Easy Rider, Panic in Needle Park and Trainspotting, Shapiro provides comprehensive detail about each film. He also includes a detailed history of drug use and film censorship as well as dark tales of the Hollywood star system and lifestyle. An invaluable and entertaining work of reference which will be of use to students and teachers of media studies as well as film buffs.

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