Gabriel's Bureau

Gabriel's Bureau

Mikka Haugaard
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Author:  Mikka Haugaard
Condition:  New
Format:  Paperback
Pages:  210
Publisher:  Dedalus Ltd
Year:  2004
ISBN:  9781903517314

We are creatures of the night and we use each other's ignorance and muddy each other's waters; assumptions, guesses, certainties are all one to us, because everything is in a state of flux, and the pieces are continually being moved. Add to this the differences in intelligence, nerve, greed and willingness to pay the price, and you're dealing with the impossible. Gabriel has worked for Soviet intelligence, but after the fall of the Soviet Union he has become a private investigator. However, he cannot cut himself off from the surreal world of international politics. Oleg, his former KGB boss continues to haunt him. Would you like to buy, he asked me once, a nuclear submarine? A friend of mine dismantles them up by the Arctic Circle. He will ship them to any part of the world. As Gabriel struggles with personal problems, an acquaintance from the past asks him to help her when her lover is killed. Touched by her appeal, Gabriel makes promises he cannot keep. - A psychological thriller set in London's seedy underworld.