A Web of Deception

A Web of Deception

Charlotte Lapis
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Author:  Charlotte Lapis
Condition:  New
Format:  Paperback
Pages:  532
Publisher:  Trafford Publishing
Year:  2009
ISBN:  9781425124311

This book came about as the result of personal research it uncovered a middle class crime fraud and the establishment help in covering that up as the percentage of white collar crime that is examined by the police is exceptionally low and the percentage that goes before the courts even lower. There is also an underlying element of sexuality in all of this and in particular closet homosexuality which culminated in relationships between third cousins who did not want to declare their homosexuality openly. There is also heterosexuality indiscretions in the storyline as the result of a relationship between two first cousins where two children were born as the result of that liaison One of the key figures in all of this is a High Court Judge who prior to that was a prominent defence lawyer this person used the clout he had amassed to prevent the truth coming out. Another key figure in the book is a prominent business woman and a closet homosexual who used the authority she had gained within the establishment to keep her misdemeanours under wraps. So what does this say about the establishment and their inability to actually stand up to these type of people well not much However the book covers their role in all of this in much more detail The establishment appeared to believe that it was not worth examining in to much detail what these people were doing as it was better to let sleeping dogs lie The main character in the book took the brunt of these two unprincipled people behaviour and the impact that this had on her life is gone into in great detail in the book The is also a large element of greed in the book and peoples inability to accept their lot in this life and always want more, particularly if it was not theirs and somebody else was entitled to it. The actual legal entitlement of a person's right to have what is theirs and their right to know who they really are appears to have been ignored in all of this. The whole underlying issue is envy and people's desire to obtain wealth and trappings by whatever means possible