Hideous Creatures

Hideous Creatures

S.E. Lister
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Author:  S.E. Lister
Condition:  New
Format:  Paperback
Pages:  256
Publisher:  Old Street Publishing
Year:  2014
ISBN:  9781908699565

Arthur Hallingham is the youngest son of an English earl. He's on the run from his former life - from a family where painful, half-understood secrets lurk. Arthur travels on a slave ship to the coast of Virginia. Amidst the teeming squalor and vaulting ambitions of the New World, he encounters Flora, the tough daughter of an outlaw, and Shelo, a native medicine man with mysterious powers who seems to have a plan for him. The three set off on a journey through the thick forests and along the wide rivers of the lush southern wilderness. As they near their destination, Shelo's terrible and destructive purpose is gradually revealed.