The Sherlock Holmes Case Book: Puzzle your way through 10 baffling new cases

The Sherlock Holmes Case Book: Puzzle your way through 10 baffling new cases

Tim Dedopulos
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Author:  Tim Dedopulos
Condition:  New
Format:  Hardback
Pages:  224
Publisher:  Headline Publishing Group
Year:  2018
ISBN:  9781787390751

Join the world's greatest fictional detective and use your own powers of deduction to solve these puzzling mysteries. The Sherlock Holmes Case Book: Solve-It-Yourself Mysteries is a remarkable collection of crimes from Dr John Watson's case notes that features all of the twists and turns that have come to be expected from a Holmes case - but now it is up to you to solve them.

There are 10 cases to be cracked, each of which requires the reader to use logic and powers of perception to answer a question at three points - the beginning, the middle and the end.

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